Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hamasaladeevi (Swan Island)

Hamsaladeevi one of the finest village in diviseema and very near to the sea ‘bay of bengal’ and is on the edge of our state infact the end of the state. By now  you must be thinking why I am again mentioning the same thing and that this is known to everyone in the state since it is an older version. I will tell you, the other specialty of the place, two important things about this. 
One is the ‘River Krishna’ straight away going into the Bay of Bengal. There is another name for this place – ‘China Kasi’ and people here say that taking a bath in such places is a holy thing
Second is a temple built by devatas(gods and goddesses),

Ok now, as I told you I belong to this place, and somebody wants to reach this place has to pass on another village where my grand-parents used to stay and there is no other route as such. I heard a lot many stories about this place from my grandma and a priest as well, saying that there was temple of Lord Sri Venu Gopala Swamy the one which was built  by devatas. It is a 1100 to 1200 years old temple. They said the temple is built in the deep waters and no route is available for someone to travel and such temples can only be built by devatas and not by common man. Yes to the best of my knowledge it is impossible to build such structures with out a means of transport by a common man. In the deep waters of the sea(Bay of Bengal) full of heavy water currents, and even now, local management of the temple used to build bridge made up of bamboo sticks and people used to come for the holy bath by crossing the bridge over. Yes in such circumstances building a normal bridge or making another way will not be possible for a common man and only Devatas can make it happen.

The Actual Story goes like this…..

You know Ganga mata, right, people visit the lord Sri Kasi Vishwanatha in the Kasi, and then take a holy bath in the river Ganga and then get relieved from all their sins. Because of this river Ganaga ma turns to black, by taking-in all the sins of the people, after some time. Ganag ma went to Brahmarushi saying about this and took a suggestion from him that taking a bath before the Sun rises on the day of Magasudhapournami(one of the holy day) in the river Krishna where river Krishna goes into the the Sea(Bay of Bengal) then Ganga will get back its own lost features and purity. That’s the reason this place has been as Hamsaladeevi and also called as China Kaasi.

Even now people from all the corners of Andhra Pradesh comes here on the special day of “magha sudda pournami” and takes a holy bath in these waters and to seek blessings of lord Sri Venu Gopala Swamy. This particular event is popularly called as Hamsaladeevi samudrasnanam and this is in the month of February every year.

Images of Swan Island Piligrims :

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